Look what you did

Released: 14 Jun 2012

Based on real experiences, ‘Look what you did’ is a short film, produced in-house by Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies’ Digital Media Team that highlights the work of the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in helping three victims of rape and sexual assault.

The film was released at the launch of Rape: Time to Stop – a joint campaign across Norfolk and Suffolk to prevent and reduce rape and sexual violence.

One of the main parts of the film is an emotive poem that is read by the three people that conveys their emotions and acts as a spoken dialogue to tell their story.

The film follows the journey that these victims take and the difficulties they were forced to face by what had happened to them, hence their narration “look what you did to me”. But those words take on a different meaning at the conclusion, as it focusses on the positive support provided by the SARC.