Adult ISVA: 26 Years and Over

If you are aged 26 and over and have been raped or sexually abused at any time in your life, our team of Adult Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) are here to help. They are available during office hours Monday to Friday and the service is supported by our 24/7 helpline 01603 276381  in case you need to speak with someone during evenings and weekends.

All staff undertake specialist ISVA accredited training which focuses on the core skills and competencies required to work as an ISVA. This training is accredited by awarding body, NCFE.

How an ISVA can help you

Your ISVA will be approachable and empathic and listen to you without judgement.  They are completely independent of all other agencies you may be working with. They make sure you have the best possible advice, information, access to services and support that you need and can act as an advocate for you when dealing with other agencies.

Your ISVA can:

  • Provide impartial advice and support – they will help you to make informed decisions about the care and support you need, including reporting rape or sexual abuse to the police
  • Attend meetings with you – police interviews/court, health appointments (GP, mental health, sexual health), social services conferences and more
  • Act as an advocate for you – they can talk to an employer or teacher or support you with housing, benefits & other maters
  • Provide emotional and practical support – they will be in touch with you regularly to provide one to one support and will make sure you get access to other specialist services
  • Provide information and support – the ISVA will liaise with other professionals. If you are going through the criminal justice process, they will keep you up to date with information about your case and can be by your side throughout the investigation and during court hearings
  • Help with anonymous reporting – they can share anonymous intelligence with the police about the rape or sexual abuse on your behalf if you do not want to go to the police
  • Help with claiming compensation – They will discuss your rights with you and assist with a compensation application when appropriate

Your ISVA will arrange an initial meeting with you, usually at home but if that’s not appropriate you can choose a suitable location. They will carry out an assessment of your safety and support needs and based on the information provided will come up with a support plan to help you.

Your support plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you are getting all the help you need. Once all ISVA support needs have been met you will be closed to the service.



ISVA - Adult Leaflet

ISVA - Adult Leaflet