For Professionals

The Harbour Centre is Norfolk’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) which consists of our in-house ISVA support service and the provision of forensic medicals, provided by Mountain Healthcare.

We offer an independent, free & confidential victim focused service & it’s important to note, that a victim of sexual violence does not have to report to the police or go to court to access our services (unless they are under 13)

If an assault has happened within the last 7 days please call The Harbour Centre SARC on 0330 223 0099 24/7 or email [email protected] which is monitored 9 am – 9pm Monday to Sunday. The Harbour Centre is in Norwich and offers fully accessible premises, with on-site parking and good local transport links.

For on-going help & support, if your client discloses sexual assault (including penetration) rape or attempted rape whether this happened recently or in the past please consider the following:

  • If recent (within 7 days) contact The Harbour Centre SARC to ensure all health and forensic needs are addressed within the relevant timescales
  • With the person’s consent, or parent / guardian if under 13, complete an ISVA referral ensuring you have addressed any immediate safeguarding concerns as per your organisations safeguarding policy and they meet our criteria
  • We will work with your client offering choices and providing information to enable them to make informed decisions
  • We are available for advice and support 24/7 – call 01603 276381
  • We offer a confidential and/or anonymous service for clients (subject to safeguarding policy)
  • We will not inform the police or make any referral without the clients consent (subject to safeguarding policy)
  • Our support is available regardless of whether or not clients choose to report to the police
  • We offer training to organisations to talk about the services we offer & help us improve partnership working


Our Criteria

We offer support to anyone who has been the victim of rape, attempted rape or serious sexual assault including penetration.

Our 24/7 helpline is open to anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse and for those not meeting our criteria we will sign post on to relevant agencies. The helpline can also be used by friends and families who may be seeking help and advice in supporting a loved one.

If you are unsure if the person meets our criteria please contact us for advice.

Referral Forms

Before making a referral please make sure you have the person’s consent, that they meet our criteria and you have followed your own safeguarding policies and procedures in dealing with the report.

Please note all referrals are triaged by contacting the client/patient/guardian prior to acceptance. We will inform you of the outcome. If unsure if it is appropriate to refer your client/patient, please call us to discuss.

CS3. 25 Years and under young person referral to the Harbour Centre
HC16. 26 Years and over adult referral to the Harbour Centre

Professionals Leaflet

The Professionals leaflet is available to download in the below different languages, for all Harbour Centre leaflets please click on the Info and Resources tab.

HarbourCentre Professionals Leaflet 2020.pdf
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